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2018 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Given the kitchen is an important gathering place in the home, it's no surprise homeowners want the space to be updated, functional and comfortable. Remodeling your kitchen can a big but worthwhile job, and one of the key tasks is determining how you want it to look and function. A good place to start is by looking at current kitchen trends.

Kitchen remodeling must be carefully and meticulously planned, and, in 2018, should incorporate elements of technological advancement and modern social dynamics. Hence, kitchen remodels can be done with the aim of maximizing functionality via tech while also bringing people together. Polished simplicity, natural lighting, and ideal flow are all factors to consider, but here are two of our favorite trends for 2018.

Smart Kitchens

Technology is hard to overlook when remodeling any part of the home. In 2018, technology can be incorporated into seemingly every appliance and fixture. However, don't just go for flashy and fancy tech -- pursue overall functionality. Plan a "Smart Kitchen" that truly works for you and your family. Many of today's new kitchens are built "smart" from the ground up. Others incorporate more cosmetic changes, each with its own way of making life more effortless and convenient, such as:

  • Motion-sensitive faucets that turn on with a wave of a hand

  • Refrigerators that alert you groceries are running out and display recipes

  • Coffee makers that have your coffee ready whenever you want it

  • Ovens that can be monitored and managed even when you're not in the kitchen

  • Gadgets that monitor eggs' freshness and alert you when they've spoiled

  • Lighting that can be turned on, off and dimmed from a smartphone or computer

Quartz Countertops

In 2018, quartz is still very much en vogue. It's an excellent choice because it's durable and lasts for many years. Quartz countertops are easy to maintain and clean, especially since they're anti-microbial. In fact, they're easier to maintain that granite countertops. From a style point of view, quartz comes in a vast variety of colors, finishes and designs, including natural stone patterns and veining that imitates marble. Some of the most on-trend designs are neutral colors, such as gray, white, taupe and other creamy hues, because they create a clean, airy look.

Some Additional On-Trend Options

  • Composite sinks made of the same material as the countertop

  • Floating shelves for added storage and design

  • Black stainless steel appliances and sink basins

  • A built-in place for your pets to relax and eat

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