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2021 Bathroom Trends & Remodeling Ideas

As a general contractor, it’s important to keep up with current bathroom trends. Here are the top 5 features clients request of us in a bathroom remodel.

a luxurious on-trend white marble and gray bathroom with large rain shower
A Bathroom Remodel by South Land Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is a way of life here at South Land Remodeling. Since we both design and build the remodels, we must stay up to speed on current bathroom trends. The 2021 bathroom trends we’re most excited about are also the ones that are requested most by our clients. To provide you some bathroom remodel ideas for your own renovation, here are the top five most-requested bathroom design trends.

1. A Wet Room

a marble bathroom with a large wet room with a shower and freestanding tub
A Wet Room (Image Courtesy of Dig This Design)

In large bathrooms of 250+ square feet, the shower and a freestanding soaking tub can be installed together within the same waterproofed space. Typically, there is no glass enclosure (like a walk-in shower would have). But other times, a single panel of glass (without a door) is used to separate the wet room from the rest of the bathroom as well as to prevent water from splashing out of the space.

2. Floating Vanity

A floating vanity is installed on the wall vs on the floor. This provides open space between the bottom of the vanity and the floor, which creates a clean, contemporary look. Floating vanities can either be a single or double vanity as well as have an enclosed cabinet and/or have open shelving. Depending on the vanity, the faucet can either be installed directly on the wall or on the vanity itself.

3. Large Format Tiles

A white and gray bathroom with marble-inspired large format tiles on the floor and walls
Large Format Tiles in a Bathroom Remodel by South Land Remodeling

Oversized tiles are incredibly popular right now, both on floors and in showers or wet rooms. They deliver a modern aesthetic and clean lines. When selecting large format tile, the bigger the better. You can pick from a multitude of options that are as big as 24”x48” or 48”x48”. Just be sure to consider the overall bathroom size so that the tiles fit appropriately into the space.

4. LED Light Bathroom Mirror

Most people prefer LED lighting throughout their home, and now the bathroom mirror is no exception. LED light bathroom mirrors shine ideal lighting so you can easily apply make-up or shave. Even better, there are high-tech LED mirrors that also have a built-in defogger and dimmer.

5. Concrete-Replicating Surfaces

A bathroom with a concrete countertop and maple floating vanity plus concrete walls
A Concrete Bathroom & Floating Vanity (Image Courtesy of Contemporist)

The concrete trend is in full swing, and it’s no surprise why. The look is incredibly slick, minimal and eye-catching. For surfaces such as floors, countertops and walls, this look replicates the appearance of polished concrete. Various methods can be used to create this look, including for dark and light gray options.

Looking to do a bathroom remodel in the Los Angeles or San Fernando Valley area? South Land Remodeling can design and build it for you. Contact us today for a free quote!

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