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5 Stunning Interior Design Trends for 2021

These 2021 home décor trends will get your home spruced up for a stylish spring revival.

a covered outdoor living room patio area with plush seating and a coffee table
An Outdoor Living Room by South Land Remodeling

Spring is right around the corner, making it the perfect time to revitalize your home in preparation for a fresh, new season ahead. These interior design trends for 2021 are courtesy of interior designer Frank Keshishian, who also owns L.A. Design Concepts (LADC). LADC is a one-stop-shop for trade-only designer décor and furniture that would otherwise only be accessed by hiring an interior designer.

Here’s a look at five stunning 2021 home décor trends Frank and his team recommend for your home.

1. Multi-Purpose Rooms

One silver lining of the pandemic is that it taught us how to maximize living space. No longer is a dining room just a dining room, a living room just a living room. These spaces are now for entertainment, virtual classes, workouts, Zooms and more. Even large closets have become home offices!

That won’t to change in the year ahead, especially as people work and learn remotely. We’ll all still spend more time at home, so, we’ll continue to see homeowners repurpose these spaces so that functionally they can do more. A big part of this includes buying furniture and trimmings built to do more as well.

2. Wallpapering Beyond the Walls

Wallpaper will remain a huge trend, but because people love it so much, we’re seeing designers take it a step farther. Instead of merely canvasing walls, anything goes now. Ceilings, closets, niches and cabinets are being elevated with stylish, statement-making wallpaper. It’s such a fun way to take home design to the next level and really showcase your personal style — particularly in the spring. Florals will continue to be a go-to wallpaper print, which is perfect for bringing spring blooms and nature inside.

“One brand we’re seeing design professionals and consumers flock to is Cole & Son wallpaper,” Frank says. “They have so many incredible prints at an affordable price point for designer wallpaper.”

3. Layered Prints & Patterns

“I think this trend is attributed to the growing popularity of the grandmillenial aesthetic,” said Frank. “Layering prints and patterns — such as on furniture, pillows, drapes and wallpaper — is a design technique we expect to gain momentum.”

When done right, it’s yet another way to create more interest and keep eyes dancing around a room. For example, against a geometric wallpaper, consider hanging complementary floral drapes for a spring twist.

4. Outdoor Retreats

Due to the pandemic, backyards became the new hot spot. We learned our interiors can spill outdoors, where we can enjoy all the luxuries we put inside the home. Plush patio furniture, indoor-outdoor throw pillows, ambient outdoor lighting, landscape design, surround sound and even outdoor kitchens/bars are all being used to create a destination-worthy outdoor space.

“I expect this to continue in spring, especially as everyone looks to re-emerge after winter,” predicts Frank.

5. Organic Shapes, Materials & Textures

The organic modern home style has been gaining more and more momentum the past couple of years, and that won’t change. Homeowners and designers are falling in love with a more naturally derived aesthetic. Organic shapes, hues and materials/textiles/upholstery blend together to create a comfy, cozy vibe that’s anything but overdone.

It’s a return to the basics — neutral wood, natural materials (i.e. grasscloth, jute, unpolished stone) — that combine to create undeniable texture and tranquility. Especially for spring, this look helps a home feel more connected to nature, while creating lightness and vitality after a long winter.

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