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5 Remodeling Tips for Spring

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

We're all jumping for joy that winter is coming to an end. Outside, spring greets us with freshness, sunlight and blooming flowers. Inside, we can take cues from Mother Nature to bring spring vibes inside. This doesn't mean a remodel is needed. There are cheap, easy ways to spruce up your home for the new season. To start, take stock of design elements already in your home -- therefore what you can reuse, revive or replace.

Inspired by spring, there are three basic themes we recommend for your home's spring revival: airier rooms, brighter rooms and fresh flowers.

Tip 1: Bring the Breeze Indoors with a New Ceiling Fan

Stay cool and refreshed with breezy air created by an indoor fan. You can replace outdated or boring ceiling fans with one that has a natural or tropical look that mimics Mother Nature. It will immediately give a noticeable change to any room.

Tip 2: Add Accent Lighting

If you have only a ceiling light fixture in any room in your house, the lighting can be more ambient and natural by adding accent lighting. The key is creating "balanced" light, which is done by having three diverse sources of light from varying vantage points around the room. Additional lighting options include track lighting, chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, wall scones, pendants, spotlights and recessed lighting.

Tip 3: Change Your Lamp Shades

Dark and opaque lamp shades cast a more limited and concentrated light range, emitting harsh, dark light. To create a soft, intimate glow, change the shades to semi-translucent fabrics, such as silk and linen. Translucent shades, such as glass or acrylic, paired with soft bulbs are best for general illumination points, where you want to provide ample light without washing out a space.

Tip 4: Consider a Dimmer

A dimmer allows you to adjust the light to your needs and moods, such as for an intimate dinner party or a sunny spring day when you might need minimal electrical light. Dimmers are easy to install, and they connect to most standard wall plate openings.

Tip 5: Spotlight Flowers with Pendants

As designer Larry Laslo says, "I use flowers and plants a lot. They really wake up a living room, and then I light them theatrically. I'll wash a flower arrangement in light, or aim one under a big leaf so that it just glows, as if in sunlight, even if it's midnight." This is the perfect way to bring spring indoors. You'll get the sweet fragrance of fresh blooms as well as a an impressive focal point of light from a pendant (or any other fixture that can spotlight your foliage).

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