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8 Garage Remodel Ideas: Turn Car Storage into an Extension of the Home

Here our home remodeling experts share the top garage ideas.

a garage remodel with a car lift and living room
Photograph by Patrick Heagney for Atlanta Magazine

Although many think of the garage as a space to store their motor vehicles at night or during inclemete weather, the space can be so much more than a traditional garage. Homeowners basically have two choices for this: 1. finish their garage, which entails updating its appearance but maintaining its utility, or 2. convert the garage, which means turning the space into another room in the house. Essentially, you can transform a space for car storage into an extension of your home with several garage ideas, all increasing utility and/or the livable square feet.

Whether you’re interested in finishing or converting, check out the latest garage remodel ideas.

Garage Makeover Ideas to Stay Organized

Add Slatwalls

Also known as a slotwall, a slatwall is wall-mounted building material with horizontal grooves that work with attachments such as storage racks, bins or shelves. By using a slatwall, you can increase storage space and protect your garage walls from mold, mildew and water.

Install Cabinets

A popular garage storage system, cabinets offer a variety of benefits. In addition to providing equipment and tool storage, cabinets protect and secure assets such as seasonal items and sports gear. Plus, they provide organization and improve the overall appearance of the garage space.

Cool Garage Ideas that Create New Living Spaces

Create an Entertainment Space

Transform your home into the go-to social space with an entertainment room in the garage. Just be sure to add insulation, heating and air conditioning to ensure comfort. Upgrade the electrical so you can install televisions, video game consoles, arcade games, air hockey tables and more for a fun atmosphere.

Design a Home Gym

A garage is the perfect spot to build a home gym, which can house a yoga studio, cardio equipment, dojo or weight training center. Install air conditioning and upgrade the electrical system to ensure a comfortable sweat sesh. For additional amenities, add a TV, speaker system and/or refrigerator for easy access to hydration.

Garage Decor Ideas for Car Lovers

Construct a Manual Workshop

For those who enjoy working on antique or sports cars, transform your garage into a mechanic’s dream shop. Add insulation, electric, plumbing and durable epoxy garage flooring. Use slatwalls, cabinetry and tool racks for easy access to equipment.

Build a Showroom

To create a showroom for your cars, make natural light a priority. Add windows, recessed lighting and other lighting accents (how about a skylight?!). Give the garage a high-end industrial vibe with natural birch and raw steel fixtures and finishes. Leave wall space empty of tools and shelving to create a showroom feel.

Finished Garage Ideas to Update the Space

Change the Flooring

Most garages have concrete floors, which can appear bland and unfinished -- even worn, stained and cracked. If you’re finishing the garage, choose to epoxy the floors, which can repel grease and oil. Plus, epoxy floors create a much more polished look than concrete. Foam or gym mats are also great to park cars or create a home gym.

Add Insulation

To turn your garage into a living space, it’s critical you insulate the walls. Insulation regulates temperatures, ensuring the desired hot or cold air doesn't escape. It’s also a great idea to insulate your roof and garage door for maximum protection.

Looking to do a garage remodel in the Los Angeles or San Fernando Valley area? South Land Remodeling can design and build it for you. Contact us today for a free quote!

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Jeronimo Sekiro
Jeronimo Sekiro
14. Sept. 2023

Garages often start as spaces designated for cars and cluttered storage, but with a dash of creativity, they can evolve into functional extensions of a home. If you're pondering over ways to add value to your property or create a space that feels like an integral part of your living area, consider these garage remodel ideas. Not only will they enhance your daily living, but when the time comes to sell your home, a well-utilized garage can be a fantastic selling point.

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