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Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget

DIY bathroom décor can update your space without needing to spend lots of money or time.

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At South Land Remodeling, we’re a full-service bathroom remodeler. But we also understand not every space needs an overhaul. Especially during the pandemic, we know people love finding bathroom remodel ideas on a budget. To update yours, our pros recommend focusing on all the finishing touches. Here are our DIY bathroom decor ideas to transform your bath into a stylish sanctuary.

Splash Your Bath in Color

bathroom with blue painted ceiling and window trim painted orange
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Painting a room in color can completely elevate its design. For a full bathroom, opt for a light and bright color or neutral (i.e. cream, light gray, beige, greige, light blue or green, etc.) to help it feel as spacious as possible.

For small bathrooms, we recommend going bold with a dark, rich hue. From charcoal to a navy blue, find a tone you like and go for it! The dark tone will make the space feel current and dramatic, while still being inviting.

Be sure to check out the 2020 color palette trends for inspiration. Also consider painting the trim the same color as the walls; the ceiling can also be the same or complementary hue. This design technique is incredibly popular right now!

Hang Statement Artwork

white bathroom with colorful art wall collage of framed art
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Bathroom updates don’t all need to be a weekend project. Artwork is an excellent way to add interest and beauty to an outdated or drab bathroom. What’s particularly great about this idea is the art becomes the focal point. It distracts from other elements you don’t want guests to notice.

For new art, we recommend framing your own snapshots of your travels, family, nature, etc. Framebridge is a high-quality, cost-effective way to do so. For something ready-made check out Fy!’s massive collection of wall art for any style.

Adding statement art is also one of the best apartment bathroom ideas because you don’t have to waste money investing in your rental. Instead, you can buy the art, distract from dated elements and then take the art with you with you move.

Create Ambiance with New Lighting  

beachy bathroom with wood floating vanity and star chandelier pendant light
Image courtesy of & Allison Corona Photography

Replacing lights is one of those bathroom upgrades that really recreates the bath’s ambiance. If you have a flush mount, consider replacing it with statement style or small chandelier. If you have a bathroom vanity light, swap it for one that’s on-trend and with the appropriate amount of light for the mood you’re trying to set.

When switching out light fixtures, be mindful of your surrounding hardware (i.e. towel rack, towel bar, toilet paper holders, faucet, shower fixtures, etc.). You want a cohesive look. Either match everything or mix metals for a more eclectic look. Just don’t mix different hues of the same metal. Black and brass are very popular fixture metals right now.

Canvas Your Bathroom in Wallpaper

blue floral and bird wallpaper by schumacher in a bathroom
Image courtesy of L.A. Design Concepts & Schumacher

This is one of our favorite DIY bathroom ideas! Adding wallpaper literally canvases your bathroom in style. And, this DIY project can be done in a day or two. With endless patterns, colors and styles to choose from, there’s literally something for everyone.

Just like paint, we recommend going for a bolder look in smaller spaces and a more muted look in larger spaces. Try a lush palm leaf print or whimsical nature print in your powder room. In larger bathrooms, try a pretty floral or modern geometric style.

To find the right option for you, we love L.A. Design Concepts’ massive designer selection. Peel and stick removable wallpaper is also incredibly popular due to the fact you can easily swap it out any time you want.

Be sure to check out more bathroom redecorating ideas on a budget from our pros!

Looking for a bathroom remodeler to transform your bathroom? Based in Los Angeles, South Land Remodeling can help. Contact us today for a free quote.

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Adele Jakob
Adele Jakob
27 พ.ค. 2564

I got completely different ideas for how to re-imagine the Bathroom. As, Innovation is often the ability to reach into the past and bring back what is good, what is beautiful, what is useful, what is lasting.” we had general ideas of what we wanted in our new Bathroom but we weren’t sure of the specifics. One thing that we really wanted (but weren’t sure how to achieve it) .Thanks for sharing such great piece of content :)


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Hello South Land Modelling, thank you for sharing this blog. This is an extremely well written article, contain really very useful information.

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