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Bathroom Remodeling: Step by Step

Remodeling your bathroom can be a fun experience -- or a truly miserable one. Finding the proper bathroom remodeling contractor will ensure it's an enjoyable and successful home renovation. A licensed contractor can help design your new bathroom, make sure the remodel is up to code, and ensure the job is done in a timely manner and on-budget.

Many older bathrooms show excessive wear from years water and moisture damage. Floor joists may rot and need replacing. Additionally, the plumbing under the floor may have deteriorated and requires careful, expert attention. So, when choosing a contractor, pick one with vast experience fixing such issues. This will ensure you hire a professional who can properly identify, assess and rectify any problem(s), and eliminate future issues.

Starting the Remodel

The very first step your bathroom contractor should take is ensuring your bathroom is structurally sound. This means making sure the sub-floor is not damaged by water and the floor joists are not rotting or warping. Next, an inspection of your plumbing will shed light on its condition. Older bathrooms may contain lead drain lines, which must be replaced with PVC drain lines in order to meet safety and code requirements. When this has been determined, your contractor will have a better sense of how much the bathroom remodel will cost.

If you want to give your bathroom a facelift, you could keep it very simple. This could include replacing only your vanity cabinet or pedestal sink, faucet, and perhaps buying a new shower curtain, hand towels and a nicely framed mirror. Regardless of the scope of your remodel, the key is to stay organized and follow these basic steps.

Step-by-Step Process for Remodeling Your Bathroom

Step 1: Find the Right Contractor

Choose a licensed and insured bathroom remodeling contractor with the knowledge and experience needed to complete your new bathroom. The right contractor will have the contacts, vision and expertise to complete the project exactly how you want.

Step 2: Start Shopping

Discuss with your contractor exactly what it is that you want in your bathroom. He will then purchase all the items and finishes necessary for the job. He will also store them in an area of your house that is out of the way but also accessible, saving time and money.

Step 3: Demo

Your contractor can now begin removing all old bathroom fixtures/finishes and any unwanted walls. A good contractor will seal off the workspace, protecting the rest of the house from dust and debris. A plastic sheet on the bathroom door should be sufficient.

Step 4: Installing Fixtures & Finishes

First, the contractor will paint the walls, ceiling, doors and trim. Then, the tile floor is installed. While the new tiles set, the fixtures and fittings -- such as lighting, vanity, faucet, toilet, etc. -- are installed. Finally, you can style the bathroom with items like a towel rod, shower curtain, rugs and more.

If you live in Los Angeles, we'd love to discuss your bathroom remodel and provide a free quote. Please contact us any time!

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Adele Jakob
Adele Jakob
May 27, 2021

I was searching for such renovation. You did a brilliant job. This article is really helpful as it is concerned with bathroom remodel. I also want to remodel my bathroom. Thanks for the inspiration :)

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