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A Beginner’s Guide to Managing a Remodel

Here are 5 tips for planning your home remodeling project, from start to finish.

Stunning custom home remodel in Los Angeles, CA
Custom Home by South Land Remodeling

A home renovation of any scale can be intimidating, even when working with a general contractor. There’s much to plan, do and consider as to avoid unnecessary issues, delays and costs. If this is your first remodel, here’s our professional advice to ease your worry and your workload, regardless of the home-improvement project you want to tackle.

1. Find Your Interior Design Aesthetic

We all love looking at pictures of stunning homes, finishes and furnishings when planning a renovation. Pinterest becomes our BFF, housing every bit of #inspo we can find. Soon enough, we’re overwhelmed with ideas. The first (and arguably hardest) task for a home remodel is to sift through all those ideas and find your aesthetic. Whether its modern, contemporary, transitional, beachy or glam, pinpoint the look you want so it guides the forthcoming decision-making and overall project management.

2. Set Your Budget

After determining your style (and before you start shopping for finishes and décor), it’s time to set the budget. You might already know the amount devoted to your remodel, or you might need to crunch the numbers to determine how much the project will cost. Either way, be sure to factor in unexpected costs, service and materials – which often go overlooked. With frugality in mind, check out our blog post on 10 ways to save money on a home remodel.

3. Find the Right General Contractor

South Land Remodeling is a licensed, experienced contractor who has heard too many renovation horror stories. So, we cannot stress enough how important it is to find a highly regarded, trustworthy pro to do the job. What’s more is finding one who also can manage the interior design and permit process for you, just like we can. Doing so transforms your experience as the homeowner, ensuring you stress less and feel fully supported. If you’re not sure how to find a reliable remodeling company, be sure to read these critical tips for finding the right contractor.

4. Ensure Your Vision is Clear

After your team is in place, your vision is set and your budget is finalized, make sure your plan is crystal-clear to everyone involved. Don’t assume your team knows what you’re thinking. Set time to meet with everyone to discuss your vision, even showing them your Pinterest boards so nothing is left to interpretation. Also, we recommend going through your budget, so your team knows how much cash you’ve allotted to certain aspects of the job.

5. Stay Organized

Finally – during the entire project – stay organized. Lists will be your best friend but try to tackle one task at a time. Doing too much at once inevitably results in miscommunications, delays and mishaps. Also, be sure to lean on your general contractor and his/her expertise to take the pressure off you and ensure your remodel is a successful one.

Need a Los Angeles-based general contractor? Contact South Land Remodeling today for a free home remodeling quote.


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