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Top Benefits of an Open-Concept Kitchen

Thinking about an open-concept kitchen remodel? Here are all the reasons why it’s an excellent idea.

contemporary open concept white kitchen and living room combination
Open-Concept Kitchen & Living Room Remodel by South Land Remodeling

The overwhelming majority of homeowners want an open floorplan versus a compartmentalized one. Older homes typically have the latter. Nowadays, that’s typically perceived as dated and ill-functioning compared to a more open layout. An open-concept kitchen, for example, is one of the most popular projects we do as a home remodeling company in Los Angeles.

An open-concept kitchen remodel can open up the entire main living space and provide benefits that add to your lifestyle and your home’s value.

Benefit 1: The Home Feels Larger

When you tear down interior walls, the space will innately feel larger simply because it’s no longer closed in. This is particularly true if the kitchen is small. So, a small open-concept kitchen or an open-concept galley kitchen is really transformative in creating an airier, larger feel. As an extra bonus, depending on the walls being torn down, you may even gain some valuable space that was previously eaten up by all those walls.

Benefit 2: Better Functionality

In most cases, people see their home’s functionality exponentially increase after remodeling to an open-concept kitchen, living room and dining room. Doing away with more formal dining and living rooms typically means you’re getting rid of rooms you don’t use often anyway. For example, maybe you rarely use your dining room except when entertaining guests. Alternatively, one large entertaining space that houses your kitchen, dining room and living room offers a much more functional, communal way to enjoy being home with guests and family.

open kitchen remodel with gray cabinets and large island
Open-Concept Kitchen Remodel by South Land Remodeling

Benefit 3: Ample Sightlines  

On that same note, an open-concept floorplan delivers ample sightlines that make everyday home life as well as entertaining more pleasant. Any parent knows that raising kids means having to keep a close eye, which an open-concept kitchen and living room provides. The same goes for socializing with guests during a dinner party, for example. The host can easily be in the kitchen without ever being isolated from guests in other living areas.

Benefit 4: More Natural Light

Part of why an open-concept kitchen and living room can feel larger is because you can wash the open space in more natural light. Simply by tearing down walls, your once-confined windows can pour light into a larger space. This has an enormous effect on small spaces, homes with shared walls, and homes/rooms with small windows. And, if you want to create even more light, we suggest going with an open-concept white kitchen.

Do you live in the Los Angeles area and want an open-concept kitchen design in your home? We’d love to help! Contact us today for a free estimate.

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Dan Kogan
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