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DIY Home Improvements for the COVID-19 Lockdown

Even though coronavirus has us sequestered, there are still impactful and entertaining ways to update your surroundings.

beautiful white kitchen remodel
Pro tips for making a more beautiful home during the quarantine period

When we’re spending so much time at home, it’s easy to start thinking about turning our confined quarters into a beautiful dwelling. Given everyone’s extra free time, now is the perfect time to get busy doing fun DIY home improvements.

Our pros put together these tips to help you tap into your inner interior designer, all while staying put in your soon-to-be-improved quarters.

Replace Outdated Light Fixtures

A new light fixture’s design and luminance can truly transform a space. From table lamps to pendants to chandeliers, you have an abundance of options to add to your home. To pick the right one, consider your home’s overall design so the fixture doesn’t create a mismatch. Also, measure the space to ensure the new light is the right fit. Perfect for the quarantine, ceiling and wall fixtures are easy to install on your own – just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and cut the power where you’re installing the light.

Where to Shop Online: We love the vast selection at Lumens

Swap Out Hardware

Replacing knobs and pulls on anything from furniture to kitchen and bathroom cabinets adds an instant update. Particularly on-trend finishes include brass, gold and black, which we recommend for an extra eye-catching touch. Just be sure to measure any pulls you’re replacing, should they have two screws secured to the cabinet. If so, measure the space between those two screws and match it to your new pulls.

Where to Shop Online: Wayfair has a huge selection, often at discounted prices

Declutter & Re-Accessorize  

All this free time means spring cleaning can go to a whole new level this year. As you’re sprucing up the house, keep an eye out for unnecessary clutter and outdated décor. Now’s the time to purge the superfluous and replace the old. The fun part about this is it involves shopping online for home accessories. Think: new throw pillows in fun patterns, beautiful baskets for reorganizing, new artwork for a pop of color… Really anything goes!

Where to Shop Online: L.A. Design Concepts has an abundance of unique designer accessories

Grab a Paintbrush

A fresh coat of paint has the unique ability to infuse character into your home by adding brightness or drama. What’s great is the 2020 color palette trends offer hues that can appeal to anyone’s personal style. From muted to bold, your transformed walls will make a more stylish backdrop to homelife. Plus, did you know you can get paint samples and gallons shipped straight to your door?

Where to Shop Online: Clare has gorgeous colors that ship to you with guaranteed satisfaction

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Adele Jakob
Adele Jakob
May 27, 2021

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iM-Tech Review
iM-Tech Review
Oct 21, 2020

Thanks for posting. It is great to find new sources of information about home improvement. Thanks for sharing your list with us.

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