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Holiday Home Remodeling: Getting It Done in Time

Implement these five tips to remodel your home in time for holiday celebrations.

a dining room addition decorated for the holidays

As the holidays quickly approach, it may seem nearly impossible to remodel your home in time for family gatherings and celebrations. There’s still so much to do—the dining room is too small for your extended family, the kitchen isn’t updated enough to handle high cooking volumes and the bathrooms are falling apart.

Although it may seem unattainable, a holiday home remodel can be done in time if you follow these five steps.

1. Plan Carefully

Nearly everything begins with careful planning, including a holiday home remodel. If you’re pressed for time, choose the projects that will impact your festivities most such as the foyer, kitchen, dining room, guest room or bathroom. These rooms are likely to be the most trafficked during gatherings. If necessary, push other projects—those that won’t affect guests—to after the new year, avoiding potential delays or added stress. Create a list and prioritize what you want to be completed first.

2. Quickly Get Quotes & Start Dates

Once you decide on your must-have-completed projects, it’s time to get quotes—fast. Research and find contractors in your area. Explain the project to several contractors and ask for quotes from each. Also, inquire about start dates. Some contractors may not be able to start until late December while others can start next week.

3. Don’t Wait on a Contract

If you’ve received a contract from your preferred contractor, don’t wait. Act fast. The longer you wait to sign the contract, the more likely it is someone else will book them, leaving you to find another option or forgo renovations until after the holidays.

4. Coordinate Subcontractors

If you hire a subcontractor to perform work as part of the whole project, ensure their work and schedule do not conflict with that of the prime contractor. However, it’s not recommended to hire a subcontractor in addition to your prime contractor as interferences can potentially hold back projects.

5. Check on Supply Stock

As soon as you’ve determined the projects and signed a contract with a contractor, it’s time to order any appliances or supplies such as tiles, flooring, doors, hardware and fixtures. Check everything you need is in stock and will arrive in time for the contractors. Don’t wait on ordering as there are currently major supply shortages and shipping delays.

If you’re looking to complete a remodel project in the Los Angeles or San Fernando Valley area in time for the holidays, contact South Land Remodeling today! Get a free quote quickly, so our contractor can finish in time for your celebrations.



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Karissa Martin
Karissa Martin


Thank you for the tips, this article is very helpful specially for those who are planning a home remodel in Chicago project..

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