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Hollywood Hills Bathroom Remodel: Before & After

As 5-star bathroom remodeling contractors in Los Angeles, we take pride in our renovation transformations, just like this one.

Black, white and gray bathroom with marble-inspired quartz and a skylight
A Luxury Bathroom Remodeling Project in the Hollywood Hills

Few things are more aggravating than a closed-in feel to one’s home. This is particularly true of a bathroom, as it should be a place of relaxation and utility. Fortunately, South Land Remodeling has the bathroom remodeling expertise needed to open up such a space and make it your ideal respite.

Thanks to decades of countless bathroom renovations, South Land has earned its reputation as one of the best Los Angeles bathroom remodeling contractors. We have the design and construction experience needed to expand an awkward, small space into one that aligns with our client’s vision for a better functioning, beautifully designed oasis.

Such was the case with this luxurious black-and-white Hollywood Hills renovation project.

los angeles bathroom remodel before and after
Left: Before the Remodel; Right: After

The homeowners wanted to open up their bedroom’s en-suite bathroom because it felt dark and cramped, despite being a healthy 250-square-feet. The layout was the biggest obstacle hindering the room’s appeal and comfort because it was overly congested with storage.  

South Land is no stranger to these situations, though, and we worked with the client to bring out the room’s full potential. The end result is a opulent bathroom that rivals a 5-star hotel. It now utilizes every bit of square footage available, making it feel at least twice as large and infinitely more elegant.

What was originally the closet was completely gutted and repurposed into additional bathroom space. This offered more room for a larger shower and vanity that feel anything but cramped. 

As you can see in the image above, the new vanity doubled the counter space, thanks not only to the expansion but also a highly durable, marble-inspired quartz countertop. Coupled with a sprawling LED mirror, which perfectly illuminates the alcove, it allows the homeowners to comfortably spread out and relish this impressive area. All this is done while still offering ample storage in the vanity’s timeless yet contemporary cabinets. 

large marble shower remodel before and after
Left: The small, closed-in shower before the remodel; Right: After

The old shower was replaced with a new 25-square-foot, frameless-door design that melds seamlessly into the surrounding space. A toiletry niche and built-in shower bench create better functionality and comfort. Once again, we used quartz that looks like marble on the shower walls, which complements the marble mosaic tile flooring and niche backing. These particular materials and features changed the once stifling area into a bright, inviting and visually captivating retreat.  

Black mosaic tile accent wall and freestanding tub in a luxury bathroom remodel
The Freestanding Tub, Mosaic Tile Accent Wall & Skylight Create a Bold Focal Point

Despite the shower’s undeniable beauty, the bathroom’s focal point is a 62-inch, free-standing soaking tub, set against a black mosaic tile accent wall with a large niche. Despite its generous size, the tub doesn’t obstruct the room, thanks to its positioning on the back wall and the plentiful space between it and the bathroom’s other amenities.

This remodel is all brought together by its new walls and floor that again continue the same materials found in the shower and on the vanity. This continuity creates as polished, high-design aesthetic.

Due to the use of a predominately lighter palette of white and grey, the room glistens in its brand-new natural and artificial lighting. The LED lighting marries with the sunlight flowing in from a new skylight. The combination casts a glow that wows all who enter.

At South Land Remodeling, we take pride in helping clients turn the most unhospitable bathrooms into ones of tranquility, functionality and beauty. In this particular Hollywood Hills bathroom, our general contractor saw a world of possibility that has since transformed these homeowners’ daily lives. We’re honored to have helped make their dream bath a reality.

Interested in hiring us for a bathroom remodel, whole-home remodeling job, room addition or kitchen renovation? Contact us today for a free quote!


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