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Top 5 Kitchen Backsplash Trends 2022

These top kitchen backsplash designs will inspire your kitchen remodel.

a white hexagon tile kitchen backsplash

A kitchen backsplash may appear to be a small detail in the grand scheme of a kitchen renovation, but it’s actually one of the most important design elements of the room’s interior design. Kitchen backsplashes—whether made of natural stone, glass tiles, stainless steel, mosaic tiles or other material—protect the wall behind the countertop from water damage and heavily contribute to the kitchen’s overall aesthetic.

The right kitchen backsplash ties the entire room together and makes a stylish focal point. It can provide relaxation or intrigue, color or neutrality. No matter the look you’re going for, it’s important the look is current. Check out these top kitchen backsplash trends of 2022 to find the perfect kitchen backsplash for the heart of your home.

1. Slab Backsplashes

One of the most popular trends for this year is the slab backsplash. This backsplash extends your marble, granite or quartz countertop up the backsplash wall for a modern, sleek and cohesive look. This is a great choice for large and small kitchens alike. However, incorporating slab backsplashes into small kitchens can make them appear larger and less cluttered.

Another advantage is this trend saves you from selecting from millions of backsplash tile options when doing a kitchen remodel. Instead, you only need to choose one material for the countertop and backsplash.

2. Extend the Backsplash to the Ceiling

Extending the backsplash to where the wall meets the ceiling is an excellent trend for smaller and larger kitchens. Essentially, you can take nearly any backsplash design to the ceiling, and it gives the room a high-end look. This trend can be completed with slab backsplash material but is more commonly done with tiles, such as ceramic tiles, subway tiles, mosaics and more.

Carrying the backsplash up to the ceiling can make smaller kitchens appear more spacious by creating the illusion of higher ceilings. In larger kitchens, extending the backsplash to the ceiling does that as well and gives you more surface area for a greater impact.

3. Subway Tiles

Subway tile is a classic backsplash trend that is not going out of style anytime soon. For 2022, though, it’s best to add a spin on the classic. Try using elongated and oversized subway tiles rather than the traditional 3x6. Finally, have some fun with the pattern and placement of the tile. You can stack the tile in stripes (vs laid out traditionally like bricks), flip the tiles vertically, or even do a herringbone pattern to create a more custom design.

4. Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles have quickly risen to popularity, often replacing classic ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles look just like ceramic tiles—the average person can hardly tell the difference—but provide additional strength, making them more resilient to cracks. There is a large selection of porcelain tiles from which to choose. Select from a variety of shapes (hexagons, rectangles, triangles and more) and tile patterns (mosaics or murals). A porcelain tile backsplash is also a great option for smaller kitchens as it can be easily cut to fit into small or oddly shaped spaces.

5. Natural Stones

Natural stone backsplashes (i.e. marble) have risen in popularity in 2022 as a top backsplash trend. They bring the elegance of nature into the kitchen. Homeowners can choose between natural stone slabs, marble mosaic and natural stone tiles. When using natural stone, it is important to note that it requires sealing and special care because it’s porous and can easily stain.

Are you interested in renovating your kitchen with the latest kitchen backsplash trends of 2022? If you’re in the Los Angeles or San Fernando Valley area, South Land Remodeling can design and build your dream kitchen. Contact us today for a free quote!

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