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Low-Cost, High-Impact Kitchen Remodel Ideas

As a Los Angeles General Contractor, we’ve got budget-friendly pro tips to transform your kitchen.

Stunning white kitchen remodel in Los Angeles, CA
Kitchen Remodel by South Land Remodeling

Everyone wants a sparkly new kitchen, but not all budgets can cook up a full remodel. That doesn’t mean the average kitchen can’t be updated in a way that’s noticeable and beautiful. As a Los Angeles general contractor, we’ve remodeled countless kitchens, transforming the “blah” to “wow.” So, if you’re not in the market for a complete kitchen renovation, we have some big-impact ideas that’s freshen up the heart of your home while keeping costs down.

Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets

New cabinetry is expensive. Instead, you can save a ton of money by refinishing your kitchen’s existing cabinets. While you may look at your current cabinets and not see the possibility, it’s shocking what a new coat of paint or stain can do. To tackle this project, you can hire a pro, or grab a paint brush. Truth be told, this project isn’t a simple weekend project, as it requires attention to detail and elbow grease. You’ll need to choose your new hue, strip the existing paint/stain, sand the wood, prime and repaint. There’s a ton of online videos that will take you through this project step-by-step, and you can probably be done in as little as a couple weeks.

Interior Design Tip: Consider painting or staining the kitchen island a different color to give it a more custom look.

Replace Old Fixtures

Whether you repainted your cabinetry or not, adding new knobs and handles is a very quick project that definitely delivers new sparkle. Equally, swapping out your old faucet and lighting will work wonders. For new lighting, you can often get away with replacing an existing light fixture, or you can hire a licensed electrician to add a new light, which should cost around a couple hundred bucks.

Interior Design Tip: When picking out your new fixtures, play with the idea of mixing metals. A bronze faucet, for example, can look beautiful with brass lighting and knobs.

Add a New Backsplash

Some kitchens have outdated or drab backsplashes, while others don’t have one at all. No matter which category your kitchen falls into, a new tile backsplash is one of the easiest, most impactful ways to transform your kitchen. This project is a simple weekend job that doesn’t require a ton of equipment. In fact, some types of tile allow you to get away with not having to purchase or rent an electric tile saw – instead you can use a $20 hand tile cutter.

Interior Design Tip: If your countertop has a lip in place of a backsplash, we recommend popping that off before adding your new backsplash. This allows for a more contemporary, high-end look, especially if you take the tile up to the ceiling.

Do you live in the greater Los Angeles area and want help remodeling your kitchen? Contact South Land Remodeling today for a free quote.

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Adele Jakob
Adele Jakob
May 27, 2021

The kitchen and Bathroom require the same attention as the other room in our house. While looking for a new home we always check these two rooms at first because the interior used in bathroom and kitchen both are really important and reflects the whole house. Your content is awesome it is really informative to follow the new trends for this year.

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