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Building a Room Addition in Woodland Hills

South Land Remodeling answers pressing questions about building room additions in Woodland Hills.

A white marble bathroom with a large soaking tub and large window
A Woodland Hills Bathroom Expansion by South Land Remodeling

Room additions are the ideal solution for Woodland Hills residents who don’t want to leave the picturesque neighborhood, but feel that they’ve outgrown their home. These remodeling projects can increase your home’s square footage and transform underutilized spaces into brand-new, functional areas that breathe new life into your house.

As the top-rated among general contractors in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, South Land Remodeling has more than 25 years of experience reimagining and building room additions. Throughout our many home remodeling projects, we’ve been asked four consistent questions from nearly every client interested in a home addition.

We thought it may be helpful to provide answers to the most pressing questions about building a room addition in Woodland Hills. Check it out:

What room additions can be added to your Woodland Hills home?

There are three types of room additions South Land Remodeling can help you build onto your Woodland Hills home:

  • Conventional Additions: We can build new rooms from the ground up, including living rooms, primary suites, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens sunrooms, offices and more. Our team can also build an entire second story, giving you and your family an abundance of value-adding square footage.

  • Conversions: South Land Remodeling can turn your garage or attic into a new type of living space, whether it be a new bedroom, guest quarters or fitness studio.

  • Bump-Outs: A popular and less costly room addition known as the bump-out refers to simply expanding the size of an existing room.

How much does it cost to hire a room addition contractor in Woodland Hills?

The cost to hire a room addition contractor varies based on the project. For example, a simple room addition (like a home office) would be less costly than a kitchen or bath that requires plumbing, waterproofing, etc.

That’s why we come out to your home to review the space, your needs and vision. We also provide a consult at that point, and then deliver a free estimate.

How long will a home addition take to build?

Home addition timelines vary depending on the project. What type of room are we creating? How much electrical and plumbing are involved? Are we installing custom materials and finishes?

The answer to these questions helps better establish an accurate timeline.

When providing the cost estimate, our team will offer a timeline that provides an accurate estimate as to how long your room addition will take to build. Throughout the project, our team will provide in-person and phone updates about the timeline. Learn more about our construction process.

Is a permit necessary for room additions?

Any home in the Los Angeles area is required to obtain a permit when building room additions. As a licensed general contractor, South Land Remodeling handles the time-consuming, tedious room addition permit process for you – from start to finish.

South Land Remodeling is a 5-star general contractor with more than 25 years of experience building room additions for Woodland Hills homes. Contact us today for a free quote or to get your room addition started with a home consultation!


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