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  • Meghan Turner-Patel

7 Questions to Ask Before Doing a Room Addition

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

There's no question room additions can add beauty and space to your home. But before going that route, there are some basic yet important considerations to keep in mind. Here are our 7 key questions to ask yourself and your general contractor before doing a room addition.

1. What's Your Budget?

Obviously, this is a crucial question and should be your starting point to ensure you can afford your desired room addition. Create a timeline and calculate how much it will cost to get the room addition you want. To do this, research is essential. You'll want to shop around for an experienced, trustworthy general contractor (ideally one who can help with any necessary permits, finishes, fixtures, flooring, cabinetry, furniture...anything and everything you want to add to the space). We also recommend pricing out at least a couple finish and fixture options of different prices so you compare and cut costs, should you go over budget. In fact, here's a handy checklist to follow to help you find the right contractor.

2. Is the Room Addition an Advantage?

Do you need a new room built from scratch or can you convert an existing room? How much equity does it add to your home? Will your family continue to use it for years to come? These are all important questions that paint a clearer picture of the overall value a room addition adds to your home.

3. What Permissions Do You Need?

Zoning and permits are critical considerations when building a room addition. Not doing so could result in demolition, forfeiture, fines and other legal troubles. Ensure you're educated about your local building permits -- and a quality general contractor should be able to assist with this as well. For example, at South Land Remodeling, we completely manage permitting for our clients.

4. Do I Hire an Architect or General Contractor?

The complexity of the job can help determine your preference on whom to hire for your room addition. Contractors, like South Land Remodeling, can act as your architect and your contractor. We recommend interviewing both options to see who's best for your project. Additionally, you could have an architect design the room plans, and your general contract can build it.

5. What's Your Timeline?

As mentioned in Question #1, this is a question to determine early and emphasize with your professional. You need to ensure your timeline is something that's doable for your contractor and/or architect. Be sure to build in extra time for any unforeseen issues or complications so you have a cushion that protects your schedule.

6. Do I Need Additional Home Insurance?

Every extension of a house needs to be insured. Just like the rest of the house, you want to protect your investment and possessions from damage or disaster. Expect a room addition to add some cost to your insurance coverage, which is a possible consideration for your overall budget. Contact your provider for a quote.

7. What Could Save Some Money?

We recommend getting a cost estimate from several professionals so you can compare. Should a quote(s) come in higher than you can afford, ask your contractor if there's anything that can be done to cut the cost. Sometimes this includes swapping out materials and finishes, foregoing some luxuries, and downsizing the space.

Considering adding an ADU or room addition to your Los Angeles-area home? South Land Remodeling can help. Contact us today!



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