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The Average Bathroom Remodel Cost in Los Angeles

A bathroom renovation cost can vary, but here’s what you can expect of the average remodel.

A Bathroom Remodel by South Land Remodeling

Bathroom remodels are incredibly popular home projects. Whether it’s a facelift or gut job, homeowners love having a nicely appointed, updated bathroom. It makes the home more enjoyable and adds to the property’s value. But the first thought that crosses every budget-conscious homeowner’s mind is, “What’s the average bathroom remodel cost?”

Though a bathroom remodel cost can really vary, here’s a breakdown of what it can cost in Los Angeles, CA. This estimate is based on our expertise as a highly experienced bathroom remodeling contractor. Let us walk you through it…

What is an “Average Bathroom”?

When thinking of bathrooms, we tend to think of three types: an average bathroom, a small bathroom (like a powder room) and a master bathroom. The average bath tends to be a shared bathroom with a one-sink vanity, toilet and tub-shower combo. It typically measures 8x5 feet or 9x6 feet, and it’s this size and functionality that makes it the most economical bathroom to renovate.

What to Consider Before Starting the Renovation

The first remodel consideration is what you want to accomplish – in design and in function. Do you need a full renovation or cosmetic facelift (the latter obviously being the cheaper option)? If it’s a full remodel, you’ll have to think about layout and functionality. Should you decide to change the layout, the remodel will require more construction work as well as new plumbing, electrical and waterproofing.

Pro Tip: A reconfiguration of the floorplan easily adds up. If you can stick to your original layout, it will save you money and construction time.

Another big consideration is what may be below the surface. This is why we always recommend people leave room in their budget or anticipate the need to fix any unforeseen damage, such as mold, water damage, rot and erosion. Additionally, if you have an older home, old studs, pipes and wiring may need to be replaced to bring it up to code (thus improving health and safety as well).

How Bathroom Remodeling Contractors Work

The average bathroom remodel can take 4-5 weeks to complete, barring any major issues or supply delays. As a bathroom remodeling contractor, South Land Remodeling’s crew includes 2-3 people on-site during this time. They work to keep the project progressing according to the construction timeline, all while keeping you updated along the way. Here’s the order in which we typically take on bathroom renovation tasks:

Step 1: Permitting

A great contractor manages this tedious step for you. We work directly with the city to get the permit ready to commence your bathroom remodeling project.

Step 2: Demolition

This is when the real work begins! The crew tears out everything that has to go. Demo can take a day or less to do, and after it’s done, they clean up the space for the next phase.

Step 3: Layout & Repairs

If you decided to change the bathroom’s layout, this is when we do it. Also, since the demo is done and the walls are gone, we are able to see everything that’s underneath. Therefore, we know what kind of repairs are needed, if any.

Step 4: Inspection #1

Like the permit, your general contractor should handle the city inspections for you. The inspector will come in to evaluate the space, electrical, waterproofing, safety and plumbing.

Step 5: Drywall

Now is when the space starts to take greater shape. After the passed inspection of plumbing, electrical and venting, the insulation goes into the walls, where needed. The drywall then goes up, creating the foundation for all the tile, fixtures and finishes. Cement will be applied in all tiled areas to provide a solid and strong base.

Step 6: Design Elements, Finishes & Flooring

This tends to be the homeowner’s favorite time, as they see their vision comes to life. By now, all of the new tile, flooring and overall design elements have been determined and are ready to be installed.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Last but certainly not least is when the new vanity, toilet, light fixtures, accessories and paint are done. At this time as well, the final city inspection will be completed.

What Factors Add to a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

Beyond layout changes and repairs, there are a number of other factors that can add to the bathroom remodel cost:

  • Expanding the space to make it larger, such as to add a double vanity

  • Selecting higher-end finishes with a bigger price tag (i.e. marble and other natural stone tile vs ceramic tile)

  • Separating the shower and tub

  • Adding and/or replacing windows

Bathroom Renovation Ideas that Stand Out

A question we’re often asked is how the homeowner can make their new bathroom design stand out. Luckily, there are a number of features we often recommend to take the bathroom’s look and feel to the next level:

  • A floating vanity

  • Bigger-sized tile

  • A Jacuzzi tub

  • A window or skylight

  • A chandelier and scones

  • An LED mirror (even better, one that’s anti-fog)

The Average Bathroom Remodel Cost in Los Angeles

Overall, the average bathroom remodel cost in LA is $20,000-$25,000 for the labor and rough materials. This does not include finishes (i.e. the vanity, tile, mirror, lighting, fixtures, flooring, etc.). Finishes on average cost an additional $5,000-$10,000, depending on what you select. The reason the finishes are not included is because homeowners often prefer to shop around and pick them out themselves.

Note: These costs are in relation to the average bathroom remodel in Los Angeles, CA. Every bathroom is different, and the cost of a bathroom can greatly vary depending on structural integrity, supplier costs, finishes, square footage and more. South Land Remodeling does only full bathroom remodels (vs. partial remodels).

South Land Remodeling has been doing LA-area bathroom renovations for the last 20+ years. Contact us today for a free quote.

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