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Recently Completed ADU: Los Angeles County

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

This Glassell Park garage conversion maximizes living space for the family and their guests.

garage conversion adu with a kitchen, bathroom and living room
A Garage Conversion by South Land Remodeling

An accessory dwelling unit is commonly called an ADU, garage conversion, guest house, granny flat and mother-in-law suite. The latter paints a clear picture as to this structure’s purpose. Most people build an ADU for its extra living space, particularly for when Mom comes to visit.

What is an ADU?

First things first. An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is a structure separate from the main house. Sometimes it’s a new build. Other times it’s a garage conversion. Either way, it’s a space that stands alone in that it has its own living area, sleeping area, kitchen (or kitchenette) and bathroom. ADUs create valuable home equity and extended living space that has become very popular in Los Angeles because the city made it much easier to build an ADU on your property.

A Completed Garage Conversion: Los Angeles

The family who owns this single-family home and new ADU lives in Glassell Park. Just like we mentioned above, they wanted to convert their garage into a living space for when out-of-town in-laws visit. This was made even more important and time-sensitive because the homeowner was pregnant with twins. With a $110k budget and three-month timeline, the South Land Remodeling team got to work!

This particular ADU was a garage conversion that resided in a 3,500-square-foot backyard. The garage dates back to the 1920s and is approximately 300-square-feet. Early into the project, we discovered it didn’t have a foundation, and instead was built of a concrete slab.

To rectify the issue, the general contractor drew up plans and got it approved by the city of Los Angeles. Luckily, this unforeseen issue caused only a three-week delay, and now the client has a waterproof, strong and sturdy ADU that will last for another hundred years.

an accessory dwelling unit with a kitchen, large window, refrigerator, gas stove and microwave
The Accessory Dwelling Unit's Fully Stocked Kitchen

The kitchen was designed to be fully functioning so guests have the amenities to feel at home. It features a gas range; Avanti two-door mini fridge; GE Profile sensor microwave, and sink. The design is classic but elegant with white, semi-custom shaker cabinets, off-white quartz countertop (for extra durability) and an eye-catching backsplash. Over the sink is a new window that pours natural light into the ADU.

The vinyl plank flooring creates a hardwood look that carries from the kitchen through the living space. It makes the ADU feel larger and cohesively designed. This smart flooring solution is durable, cost-effective and long-lasting, unlike real wood. The vinyl flooring and all the ADU's tile were purchased from Floor & Décor.

The kitchen opens to the main living area, which doubles as a bedroom. A well-made fold-out couch or Murphy bed is an excellent way to make the most of a small space like this. With the space limitation in mind, we added ample closet space and built-in shelfs for storage and décor.

Also carrying through this garage conversion are recessed lights, which creates clean lines and plenty of lighting.

ADU bathroom with brown and black tile, recessed medicine cabinet and walk-in shower
The ADU's Custom Bathroom Features an Eye-Catching, High-End Design

The bathroom features four styles of tile to create a custom, visually interesting design. A multi-color hexagon tile creates an accent wall in the shower, which matches with the surrounding light-brown subway tile. On the floor of the shower is a black penny tile, while on the bathroom floor is a travertine tile.

The Brayden Studio single bathroom vanity gives plenty of storage space for guests, especially when paired with the frameless Robern medicine cabinet.

garage conversion with open concept kitchen, storage and bedroom
The Garage Conversion is an Open Concept that Feels Warm & Inviting

Looking for a Los Angeles ADU contractor who can convert your garage or build a custom mother-in-law suite? We can help! Contact us today for a free estimate.



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