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How to Maximize Storage in Your Bathroom

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Everyone needs more storage, right? Here are 5 savvy ideas to make it happen.

White Marble Bathroom Remodel by Los Angeles General Contractor
Bathroom Remodel by South Land Remodeling

There are many decisions to make for any renovation project, from paint colors to lighting, but one of the most important considerations is functionality. Whether you’re remodeling a powder room or the master bath, additional bathroom storage is always an asset. That’s why, when remodeling, you want to carefully think about maximizing storage — before breaking out the toolbelt and paint swatches.

In any bathroom, you need somewhere to store necessities, such as toiletries, linens, paper products and more. Such storage can sometimes eat up some square footage, so it’s important to be strategic so the bathroom doesn’t feel constrained. With that in mind, here are five pro storage ideas to help you plan and design your new bathroom.

1. Go with a vanity instead of a pedestal sink

While pedestal sinks take up less floor space than vanities, they don’t offer storage space. A vanity has cabinets and/or drawers for better organization and utility, and it frees up counter space. If your bathroom isn’t small, go with a double vanity for more prep area, more cabinetry and an easier, more comfortable daily routine.

2. Incorporate recessed storage options

Recessed storage helps add space without stealing square footage. By carving nooks, niches and/or shelves into the existing walls and shower, you get a place to tuck away bottles of shampoo, towels and even décor. Another recessed storage option is a medicine cabinet that tucks shelving behind the mirror of your vanity. Whichever way you go, the bottom line is recessed storage is a smart, sneaky solution for maximizing storage in the bathroom.

3. Store towels on hooks

In any full bath where people bathe or shower, there are wet towels to be hung. This solution provides tidy and effective storage to get those towels and robes up off the floor. Hooks come in so many different styles and finishes today, so there are abundant options for choosing designs that fit your style. Also, consider placing the hooks in places near the shower or tub for easy access. Hooks need not be confined to behind the bathroom door – on the wall or under existing shelving works great too.

4. Add a linen cabinet

In bathrooms with ample square footage, a linen cabinet can be a smart addition – even statement-making. Whether it’s an antique French style or mid-century modern, a cabinet is a high-impact design idea to make your bathroom more distinct. Use it to keep bathroom items like towels, washcloths, toilet paper, cleaning supplies and other essentials organized and easy to reach.

5. Use accessories that add storage

In general, there so many possibilities for increasing storage capabilities in a bathroom, including clever accessories. It simply becomes a question of what works best for the space, your taste and for your lifestyle. Using décor and accessories for storage can include a floating shelving unit over the toilet, a bathroom stool for stacking clean towels, and woven baskets for tucking away smaller items.

Overall, when planning a bathroom remodel, think about how the people in your household use the space and design storage solutions to accommodate that. Whether it means adding a linen closet or incorporating an alcove in the shower, ample storage will make a huge difference in everyday life. When your bathroom is complete and you’re enjoying the convenience and comfort of that strategic design, you’ll be glad you carefully thought about maximizing your storage space(s).

Contributing author: Erica Garland at Modern Bathroom.

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Adele Jakob
Adele Jakob
27 Μαΐ 2021

The kitchen and Bathroom require the same attention as the other room in our house. While looking for a new home we always check these two rooms at first because the interior used in bathroom and kitchen both are really important and reflects the whole house. Your content is awesome it is really informative to follow the new trends for this year.

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