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How to Start Remodeling Your House

Develop a home remodeling plan in 5 simple steps.

the exterior of a house that's recently been remodeled
A Complete Home Remodel by South Land Remodeling

Home improvement and renovation projects are exciting times. In just a small handful of months, you could have an entirely new living room, dining room, bathroom or bedroom. Although a home remodel can be a thrilling endeavor, it also takes time and careful planning. Proper preparation ensures your home remodeling project will run as smoothly as possible and the end result will match your vision.

Here are the five simple steps you should take to prepare for a home remodel:

What is the First Thing to do When Remodeling a House?

The first thing to do when remodeling a house is to prioritize your projects. Start by getting out a pen and paper and walking through your home, listing each project by room. Begin in the areas you expect to be larger projects, like kitchens and garage remodels, and work your way down to rooms with smaller projects, such as painting or replacing windows. When you have a complete list, divide it into two categories: 1. what urgently needs remodeling, and 2. what can wait. This will help you determine how to prioritize each space/project.

What are the Steps to Remodeling a House?

1. Research Costs to Set Expectations

The second step is to research the costs of each project that you’ve labeled as priorities. Online, there’s a ton of info on the average cost of a kitchen renovation, for example, to help you better understand average pricing and ranges. You can also check out websites like Houzz, Remodeling Calculator, Million Acres and more for estimates. However, it’s important to note a Google search will only provide a general estimate. Final costs depend on a variety of factors including your contractor, location, finishes, layout, the size of room, etc. Meeting with general contractors is the best way to better understand remodeling costs and needs. He/she can help guide your budget to minimize surprises as well as set realistic expectations.

2. Determine a Project Budget

Once you’re aware of general costs, you can determine which projects will fit your budget. When budgeting a home renovation, you’ll also want to factor in labor costs and include a contingency budget. A contingency budget will come in handy when unexpected costs arise—and they typically do in the renovation process.

3. Research General Contractors and Schedule Meetings

To ensure you find high-quality craftsmanship and work ethic, it’s best to shop around for a general contractor. Conduct comprehensive research on contractors in your area, review ratings and testimonials on Google Reviews and Yelp, check out the company’s social media pages and look at pictures of their past work on their website. Once you find several contractors worth contacting, schedule meetings with at least three.

4. Review Proposals, Timelines and More

After initial consultations with each contractor, review all their proposals, timelines and references. Perhaps one contractor was more budget-friendly but another offered great interior design ideas. Maybe the third claimed they could finish the job in several weeks instead of months. Weigh all options, thinking about the benefits and drawbacks of each option, and even talk to their references. If you need to, set up a second meeting to vet your options.

5. Hire Your General Contractor

The final step is to hire your preferred general contractor. If you can, don’t delay when doing this, though, as your contractor could get scooped up by another homeowner renovating a house.

South Land Remodeling is a 5-star, licensed and highly experienced general contractor with expertise in design, construction, installation, electrical, plumbing and more. Need a Los Angeles-based general contractor? Contact South Land Remodeling today for a free home remodeling quote.

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