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Man Cave Ideas From the Pros

As experts in designing and building man caves, we’re compiling our know-how to give you some cool man cave ideas that’ll get your creative juices flowing.

man cave with pool table and bar

A private, custom man cave is probably on every guys’ wish list. It affords a space designed specifically for blowing off steam in your own element, surrounded by the gadgets, games and memorabilia that make life a little sweeter.

If you’re on your way to imminent man cave ownership, this post is here to help get you going. Our design and construction pros broke down some key man cave ideas for fashioning the refuge of your dreams.

What is a Man Cave?

Okay, let’s start with the basics. A man cave is a dedicated space purposely designed to facilitate relaxation and fun – and not necessarily in that order. The best man caves are a place for endless activities, from watching the Rams vs. Bears game, to playing "Call of Duty," to dealing a game of poker, to wine tasting. Heck, it’s also the perfect spot to house your row machine or Peloton. Anything goes!

How to Get Started

First, it’s important to determine what you want out of the space, in form and function. Start by asking yourself these questions:

  • What’s my budget?

  • How do I plan to spend my time there?

  • What man cave features do I want (i.e. kegerator, electronics, fitness equipment, bar, etc.)?

  • What do I want the look and feel to be?

  • Do I need new plumbing (i.e. for a bar or bathroom) and electrical?

  • And, on the flip side, what don’t I want in the space?

Think through your needs, limitations and priorities so you can chart a course forward, whether it’s a DIY or you’re hiring a pro like South Land Remodeling.

How to Build a Man Cave  

The easiest, lowest-cost way to build a man cave is to convert an existing room, such as an unused bedroom. In this case, you just have to incorporate the desired features, furnishings and décor. But, we typically find our clients prefer more space, so they look elsewhere.

Garage man caves are probably the most common here in Los Angeles. In many cases, we start anew by tearing down an old garage and building a new one, or we build an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). This allows us to start from scratch with the lifestyle-focused floorplan, plumbing and electrical, so the space is set up exactly how you want.

When new construction is in your budget but a garage conversation isn’t an option, a room addition is worth exploring. A room addition takes space from your yard – typically the back yard – and creates a brand-new, adjoining space on the main home. Like an ADU, it’s built in a completely custom way. You can add a bathroom, bar, etc. so everything you need is right there with you.

Outside SoCal, basements are incredibly popular. Finishing a basement affords a healthy amount of square footage to design and build your man cave. It also simplifies the construction process a bit, as you likely won’t need any major construction.

Man Cave Furniture

In many ways, your man cave furniture sets the tone for the entire design. The space can be furnished any way you like, whether the aesthetic is traditional, rustic, modern, mid-century modern, industrial and so on. Start by picking an aesthetic, and then building around that. Peruse images online and on Pinterest to draw inspiration for your furniture selections. Decide which piece(s) of furniture will anchor the space and go from there. For example, a row of movie theater-style recliners or large cognac-hued leather sofa in front of a 50-inch TV might be the heart of the space. After that’s done, pick any additional seating, the coffee table, media center, bar stools, etc.

Man Cave Décor

What’s great is décor ideas are really endless. More importantly, a man cave doesn’t have to be “manly” by design. What we typically see is our clients want a cozy palette of earth tones, such as browns, blacks, and grays – with accents of metal. Overall, they want a look that’s contemporary and comfortable. To accent the space, think about artwork, floating shelves for sports memorabilia, blankets and throw pillows. Another typical essential is interesting barware (personalized glasses, decanters, cocktail shaker, etc.) for a man cave bar, which can be a built-in feature or bar cart.

No matter the space you create, it’s an exciting opportunity to have fun with the design and fashion a space that’s all your own.

Looking to build a custom man cave in the Los Angeles or Sherman Oaks area? South Land Remodeling can design and build one that brings your vision to life. Contact us today to get a free quote!


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