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Top Home Improvements for 2021

Here are the home renovations our experts expect to be popular in the new year.

contemporary open concept white kitchen and living room combination
A backyard remodel and custom in-ground pool by South Land Remodeling

There’s a home remodeling boom that’s happening thanks to the confined quarantine life. As everyone spends more time at their house, they’re finding home project to stay busy as well as to improve the home’s beauty and functionality. We fully expect the desire to renovate to continue. So, here are the top home improvements for 2021. Each one makes life at the house more livable and enjoyable, while also adding real estate value to the home.


A new coat of paint can truly work wonders. Whether you’re doing a single room or the entire house, this project will refresh and update the look and feel of your house. Painting can be DIY or done by a professional painter. We always recommend the latter to save you time and to ensure the paint is applied with precision.

ADU or Room Addition

During quarantine, many people discovered they simply need more space. To avoid the hassle and cost of moving, accessory dwelling units (ADU) and room additions are incredibly popular. An accessory dwelling unit – or garage conversion – is a structure separate from the house that is fully livable. A room addition is an expansion to the existing home to create a new room or expanded room. Both are ideal for adding livable space, whether that’s to hang out or work.


Hanging out in the yard is the new big-night-out. That’s why it’s become so popular for homeowners to do a landscape remodel. For greenery, they’re re-sodding and adding new plants and trees. To create an oasis built for home entertainment, outdoor kitchens, covered patios, exterior lighting and comfy furniture are the new go-tos.


Speaking of the home’s exterior, custom in-ground pools became of massive interest in the summer of 2020. Homeowners, especially those with kids, were quick to install pools for more home entertainment. A beautiful pool is not only a fun feature but also pleasant to gaze upon from inside the home as well as to relax beside day or night. It creates a unique and alluring ambiance in the backyard.

Find the Right Contractor  

Regardless of the project, it’s important to find the right contractor. That not only means he/she are experienced but also that he’s highly rated, licensed and insured. South Land Remodeling is one of the top remodeling companies in Los Angeles. We specialize in full-service renovations for the interior and exterior of homes. Contact us today for a free quote.

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Adele Jakob
Adele Jakob
May 27, 2021

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