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5 Room Addition Ideas for Angelinos

Room additions in Los Angeles are increasingly popular, so here are the most common types you can add to your own home.

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Have you been considering a move to get more space? Or have you been considering ways to add square footage to your existing home? We're going to walk you through five room addition ideas that could be the efficient, space-increasing solution you need.

A room addition (or bump out) is a structural change to a home that creates more space and utility. It can increase square footage by as little as 50 square feet or as much your home allows. Where that space goes is entirely up to you as a homeowner and what makes the most sense for your lifestyle. Ultimately, the space you can create is dependent on your needs, budget, lot size and city zoning.

While this home improvement project isn’t cheap, the good news is no matter the type of addition to your home, it’ll help maximize resale value by adding bonus square footage. Construction and design costs drastically vary depending on the size and structural needs (contact us to a free quote, if you’re in Los Angeles). That cost is offset, though, by the equity created, and a home addition can be far more cost-efficient than buying a new home and moving, especially in an expensive housing market like L.A.

Before we get to the top home addition ideas, here are important considerations for any bump-out project:

· Make sure you have the correct permits, zoning and codes accounted for (most reputable general contractors will do this for you)

· Ensure the room addition design blends with the home so doesn’t feel like a disjointed afterthought

· Do your research and get multiple quotes so you understand the cost and construction timeline

· Never attempt to do a home addition as a DIY project

Now that you have an introduction to the value and considerations of a room addition, here are the top room addition ideas to add space to your house:

1. Master Suite Addition

A master bedroom addition is very common among growing families and typically includes three features: a master bedroom, en-suite bathroom and a walk-in closet. In fact, we’ve built them all over L.A., from Sherman Oaks to Beverly Hills to Santa Monica. A master suite bedroom design can be built with as little as 500 square feet extended into the backyard or as a second story.

2. Kitchen Expansion

A kitchen expansion is usually done in conjunction with opening up the interior floorplan. We remove unnecessary walls and completely redesign of the adjacent spaces, including the dining room, living room and family room/den. A kitchen expansion can also be as small as adding just enough space to incorporate an island.

3. Living Room/Den Bump Out

Sometime an original living space just isn’t enough, especially for those with children and who love to entertain. As a room addition contractor in Los Angeles, we often either add space to an existing living area or we create a second living room/den. Another benefit to this option is adding lots of windows so natural light pours into the home.

4. An Extra Play Space (for Adults or Kids)

Room additions are an excellent way to add bonus space for working out, gaming and playing. Maybe it’s a yoga studio, kids’ playroom, or man cave for watching games or playing games. No matter the use, this space tends to cost less than other options because it doesn’t need a large footprint and often doesn’t require plumbing.

5. Enclosed Porch or Sunroom

SoCal is all about that indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Adding an enclosed porch or sunroom is an excellent way to live that life at home, every day. This space features mostly windows to surround the perimeter, but it functions like the rest of the home in aspects such as heating and cooling.

Thinking about doing a room addition in Los Angeles? Check out our recent home addition projects and contact South Land Remodeling today to schedule a free in-person consult and quote.


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