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8 Room Additions for Small Homes

Here our home remodeling professionals share the best room addition ideas for small homes.

a living room addition with modern furniture and a marble fireplace
A Living Room Addition

When renovating a small home, you’re likely looking for ways to increase square footage and home value. One way to do both is by building a room addition. In fact, adding an attached garage, half or full bathroom, living space or additional bedroom can boost your home’s resale value by $7,000 to $20,000! Not only that, room additions for small homes can house extra family members or provide rental space for added income. No matter the reason for home additions, it’s a good idea to start the process off with a bit of inspiration.

Check out these eight-room addition ideas for small homes.

Family Room Addition Ideas

Complete a Standard Addition

A standard or conventional home addition is built on the side of your home and opens to the main house, blending in with current exterior and interior designs. It creates multiple rooms, such as a great room, family room, dining room, bathroom and/or children’s playroom.

Complete a Garage Conversion

Convert your garage into extra space, expanding the number of square feet in a cost-effective manner. Garage conversions—a trendy family room addition idea—can transform car storage into a home gym, entertainment space, manual workshop, playroom and more. This type of home addition idea typically costs less than full additions because it utilizes existing space/floor plan.

Living Room Addition Ideas

Try a Bump Out

A bump out is also a great option for those who want to save money and enlarge their living space. This budget-friendly option can either push one side of the house out several feet or add a single room. Bump outs can be used to create a window seat, enlarge a bathroom, extend kitchen space, design a dining nook and so much more.

Play with Shapes

One of the more popular living room addition ideas is a unique-shaped room. A circular, hexagon-shaped (six walls) or octagon-shaped (eight walls) addition can create an impressive interior design, plus provide eye-catching curb appeal.

Room Addition Ideas for Ranch Homes

Build Up from a Single Story

Depending on the size of your property, there may not be room to continue a single-floor build. Constructing a second floor may be your only option. There are typically three ways to vertically expand your home: building from scratch on top of the original level, lifting and replacing the roof once an addition is complete or attaching a modular design created off-site.

Bedroom or Bathroom Additions

If your family is growing, the best room addition ideas for ranch homes include building out bedrooms and bathrooms. Design new bedrooms for the kids or a luxurious primary bedroom suite for yourself. As your family expands or you simply crave more space, you’ll want to incorporate additional bathrooms as well.

Four Season Room Addition Ideas

Design a Sunroom Addition

One of the most coveted four season room addition ideas is a sunroom. This room allows your family to enjoy an outdoor environment without the inconvenience of bugs or inclement weather. Also called garden rooms or solariums, sunrooms are basically fully enclosed patios designed with wall-to-wall glass to let natural light in.

Create a Conservatory

Similar to sunrooms, conservatories are characterized by large glass windows and an abundance of natural light. The one major difference is that conservatory season rooms have glass roofs, making them perfect for gardening.

Interested in expanding your home with a room addition? Check out our recent home addition projects and contact South Land Remodeling today to schedule a free in-person consult and quote.


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