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Easy DIY Design Tips Your Laundry Room

The average American family does a whopping eight to 10 loads of laundry per week, according to The Spruce. That’s a hefty load of time spent reaching in a washing machine, huh? For most of us, the laundry room is a place we dread. It’s uninviting, the source of unpleasant honey-dos. To help combat that, here are our remodeling pros’ four easiest DIY laundry room ideas that’ll help make the space as renewed as fresh-from-the-dryer clothes.

Wash Your Walls in Color

Most laundry rooms are as drab as a coat closet. A splash of color not only transforms the room, it can transform your mood. Paint is one easy and cost-effective way to make a big impact. For a little more money and elbow grease, wallpaper can add more personality and glamour, even if only on an accent wall or in an overall small space. We recommend going with neutrals, pastels or bright tones to lighten the room and create a happy place.

Hang a New Light Fixture

How often do you look at that dazzling flush mount or single bulb dangling from the ceiling? Not often, we bet! A stylish pendant or small chandelier won’t go unnoticed. Think of it as a beacon ushering you into a charming new launderette. We recommend centering the fixture in the room or above the washer/dryer. Most lights are very easy to install with instructions and a ladder. If you have concerns, call an electrician, who can do the job in an hour or less.

Separate Clutter with Smart Storage

There are so many ways to declutter and organize a laundry room – ways that go beyond plastic bins and laundry baskets. This is the perfect place to have fun with storage so it serves its purpose and is aesthetically delightful. Here are some of our favorite laundry room storage ideas:

  • Install a wall-mounted drying rack(s) to free up space so you have more room to move around when clothes aren’t drying.

  • Likewise, do the same with an ironing board rack– hang it on the door or wall for easy access.

  • Floating shelves and other open shelving give you purposeful space so there’s no need to stock your washing necessities on the laundry machines, floor or wabbly side table. It also gives you extra surface area – particularly in the absence of counter space – for storing laundry and linens.

  • In that same vein, varying-sized decorative baskets, such as wicker, canvas and wire baskets, create storage space as well as design appeal. From large to small, they keep the laundry room tidy and charming, while also adding texture.

  • Glass jars and drink dispensers are a more attractive and easy-to-use system for storing cleaning supplies, including laundry detergent, clothespins, dryer sheets, mesh bags, etc. Cute labels take this design-friendly organization tip a step farther.

Spot-Treat the Room with Décor

It’s easy for a laundry room to lack design because it’s typically thought of as a place of function, not aesthetics. Let’s change that! The aforementioned decorative baskets are already a step in the right direction. Another good option is incorporating plants and blooms to keep air clean, while making the space feel alive. Adding wall art and little trinkets (i.e. small vases) fill wall space and add pops of interest, just like they do in other rooms.



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