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5 Backyard Design Ideas for Summer

Our pros have listed our top backyard landscape design ideas to turn your yard into an oasis.

a built-in outdoor kitchen with a grill, bar seating and mini fridge
An Outdoor Kitchen by South Land Remodeling

If you’ve recently peeked your head out the backdoor and thought, “My yard is looking a bit dull,” it’s time for a refresh. Giving your outdoor space a makeover creates a calming environment where you can relax. It’s also a welcoming spot for your friends and family. Plus, some backyard design ideas have the power to increase your home’s value. Here are our top five backyard landscape design ideas that will transform your yard into a summertime paradise.

1. Design an Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re a food connoisseur, an outdoor kitchen is the perfect space to entertain guests. It creates an interactive experience during parties, where the host can be outside enjoying the company of everyone else. Typically, an outdoor kitchen is constructed on a patio and built using weather- and insect-proof materials. In addition to a sturdy base, the kitchen includes a countertop for prep, a sink for dish cleaning and cabinets for storage.

To design an outdoor kitchen, you have a ton of options: a barbeque grill, smoker, refrigerator, prep surface, pizza oven, bar and more. Not only do outdoor kitchen designs provide opportunities for gourmet culinary experiences on the patio, but also they can add to the home’s value. According to Absolute Outdoor Kitchens, homes with such features can see a return on investment between 100% and 200%.

2. Create Shade for Your Outdoor Patio

a covered patio seating area with chairs, a sofa and coffee table
A Shaded Patio by South Land Remodeling

Every backyard should have areas of sun and shade to ensure you and your guests can keep cool throughout the day. To create a natural cover, plant tall greenery and canopy plants. Pergolas, which consist of columns and a roofing grid that’s either open or covered, create an elegant and dedicated seating area. Other shade for patio options include table or cantilever umbrellas, canopies, shade sails, curtains or an extended roof.

3. Play With Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Here are some of our favorite outdoor lighting fixture ideas to create a designer look and glow:

· Upgrade your landscape lighting with spotlights to strategically illuminate your trees, garden, home, outdoor kitchen and any other key landscape features.

· Install path lights along any walkways or your driveway. These can be professionally installed into the concrete/brick/pavers, or they can be a DIY that’s placed alongside any pathway.

· Install outdoor wall lights, sconces, post lights and flush-mounted lights to cast a glow against your home, garage, patio and yard.

· If you’re looking for decorative lighting options, we recommended outdoor string lighting or post lighting.

· To brighten your pool, add underwater LED lights – which can come in a rainbow of colors – and pool garden lighting.

4. Build a Water Feature

A Backyard Infinity Pool with Water Features, Hot Tub and Mood Lighting
A Backyard Pool with Water Features and Mood Lighting. Image Courtesy of The Spruce/Austin Water Designs

What better way to add tranquility to your outdoor oasis than with a backyard pond, waterfall, or fountain? Each of these water features adds a serene and interest-grabbing touch to a yard. As you listen to the calming noise of water flowing into a pool or pond, backyard waterfalls can reduce stress. Water fountains can also establish a relaxing ambiance as well as mask noise from traffic, neighbors and more. Overall, higher-end, built-in water features can even increase your home’s value.

5. Upgrade Your Landscaping

Refreshing your backyard landscaping is essential when transforming your yard. One of the most basic backyard landscape ideas or tips to simply clear out any bramble, dead plants or overgrown shrubbery. Enlist a professional landscaper to fashion a complete backyard design with a variety of texture- and color-adding plants and flowers. Choose from a variety of flora ranging from drought-resistant plants to manicured bushes to lush, fast-growing greenery.

Looking for one of Los Angeles’ top landscaping companies to transform your backyard? Contact South Land Remodeling today! We can design and install the outdoor space of your dreams.


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