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9 Stunning Backyard Pool Design Ideas

Turn your yard into a relaxing retreat with these top backyard pool ideas.

inground pool and spa with plank deck surrounding it
Inground Pool, Spa and Deck by South Land Remodeling

Your backyard pool—whether small or large—is typically a retreat for relaxation and restoration. If your tanning sessions or swim breaks haven’t felt as refreshing as they used to, it may be time to revive the space. Here’s a look at nine stunning backyard pool design ideas our team of experts recommend for your yard.

Small Backyard Pool Design Ideas

1. Add a Tanning Ledge

Today, most inground pools are built with tanning ledges—also known as baja shelves. These pool additions are expansive top steps, perfect for lounging in shallow water while basking in the sun’s glow. If you’re interested in this feature but don’t have the backyard space, add the tanning ledge within the pool.

2. Create an Inside Spa

Want the lifestyle benefits of a jacuzzi spa but don’t have the space to house it? Here’s a small backyard pool design idea: Build a spa inside your current inground pool. This can be built in a single corner using a “dam wall” with a spillway to section off the separate amenities.

3. Incorporate a Swim Jet

For those who wish they could swim laps in their 10- to 20-foot long pool, swim jets are the answer. Such additions create a constant current of water, enabling users to swim a distance, without a 30- to 40-foot pool.

Large Backyard Pool Design Ideas

1. Incorporate a Waterfall or Fountain

If you have the extra space, design a true oasis by adding additional water features. In-pool fountains elevate any outdoor space, whether they have multiple tiers or LED colored lighting. For a more organic appearance, design a waterfall with stone and foliage that allows water to trickle into the pool.

2. Build an Island or Small Bridge

To make your pool appear like a 5-star resort, build a swim-up island in the center, enabling swimmers to pause for a quick break in the sun. For those with extraordinarily large backyards and pools, try incorporating a small bridge from one side to the other so guests can stroll over the water.

3. Design a Poolside Entertainment Space

outdoor kitchen with a high-top bar, sink and grill
Outdoor Kitchen and Bar by South Land Remodeling

One of the most popular large backyard pool ideas is a poolside entertainment space. Design such a space for friends and family to enjoy by building an outdoor kitchen and living room, complete with a fan, TV and plush seating.

Backyard Pool Landscape Design Ideas

1. Build a Faux Fence With Hedges

Backyard pool landscape design ideas such as building a faux fence with hedges and other foliage adds texture, dimension and privacy to any yard. Line your pool with walled greenery, tall trees or hedges to enhance yard privacy.

2. Surround the Pool With Lighting

Adding lighting around your pool to ensure safety near the water’s edge and create a lounge-like ambiance. Utilize pool deck lighting, tiki torches or inground lights to enhance water features or nearby trees.

3. Create a Tropical Setting

Transport yourself to a tropical resort by incorporating accent rocks, floating steps, waterfalls, a beach entry, fire pits, tiki torches, palm trees and other tropical-themed foliage.

Looking to transform your backyard in Los Angeles or the San Fernando Valley? Contact us today to get a free quote!

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Jad Adams
Jad Adams
Sep 06, 2023

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