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13 Innovative Shower Ceiling Ideas for Your Bathroom

As a bathroom remodeling contractor, South Land Remodeling keeps up with the latest shower ceiling ideas.

A Shower Ceiling with Tile, Rain Shower and Recessed Lighting
A Shower Ceiling with Tile, Rain Shower and Recessed Lighting. Image Credit: Heidi Geldhauser for HGTV

An often overlooked (and style-enhancing) aspect of bathroom remodeling is the shower ceiling. By upgrading your shower ceiling, you can create an intriguing focal point sure to catch your guests’ eyes as soon as they enter the bathroom. Plus, it’s your bathroom, so it should be oozing with relaxing vibes, spa-like characteristics and high-quality interior design elements.

If you want to glance up at your shower ceiling and think, “Wow!” check out these 10 shower ceiling ideas for your bathroom.

Keep on Trend with These 7 Shower Ceiling Ideas For Any Bathroom

1. Shower Ceiling Tiles

One of the most popular shower ceiling ideas is tile. Tiles can keep your walls from being exposed to damaging moisture—especially if you’re installing a steam shower. Choose floor-to-ceiling marble tile for a luxurious atmosphere or a mixture of tile styles for a bold look. One major advantage to incorporating shower ceiling tiles is that they’re easy to install given it’s a relatively small surface area.

2. Stone Shower Ceiling

Elevate any bathroom with a natural stone shower ceiling. Stone ceiling materials such as granite, limestone or cement create an industrial, minimalist vibe. Create sleek lines and cohesion with floor-to-ceiling stone in your shower.

3. Wood Shower Ceiling

Give your bathroom a rustic or organic feel with a wood shower ceiling. Pair dark wood ceiling panels with white subway tiles for a modern farmhouse appearance. While showering, you’re sure to look up and feel the cozy charm of your wood shower ceiling. For a modern feel, try a wood false ceiling, which looks like a dropped or suspended ceiling that immediately draws the eye upward.

4. Stained Glass Ceiling

Stained glass is more than just a colorful window—it’s art. Every time you daydream in the shower, you’ll have the luxury of looking up into a custom art piece. A stained glass ceiling is sure to enhance any shower, transforming it into a dazzling and unique space.

5. Bathroom Skylight

Design a modern bathroom by adding a skylight to your shower ceiling. Skylights offer several advantages in addition to aesthetic value. Such design elements can increase light and airflow, helping prevent mold growth and lowering electric bills. With a skylight, there’s also no need for a bathroom fan given you can open the skylight and let fresh air ventilate the space.

6. Ceiling Shower Head

If you really want to feel like you’re at a spa, mount a ceiling shower head. In addition to being eco-friendly by releasing less than 2.5 gallons of water per minute as opposed to 5.5 gallons released per minute by other models, ceiling shower heads ensure every part of your body enjoys the soothing warmth of the water.

7. Ceiling Bluetooth Speaker

For those who love to use their shower time as their own personal concert, a ceiling Bluetooth speaker is for you. Install a speaker flush to your shower ceiling so you can sway to the latest hits or escape into your favorite podcast while in the shower.

Top 3 Small Bathroom Ceiling Ideas for Homes With Limited Space

1. Shiplap Ceilings

If you’re interested in a wooden ceiling, but don’t want to close off the small room with dark wood, try white shiplap. These planks add a subtle chic-ness to any bathroom, plus the bright white will make the room appear larger.

2. Bright Painted Ceiling

One of the most popular small bathroom ceiling ideas is bright paint. Although this may seem like a simple design element, adding light and bright paint such as a light gray, ivory, blush, sky blue, mint green or tan semi-gloss can reflect light, making the room appear bigger.

a white and marble bathroom with a teal painted ceiling
A Brightly Painted Shower Ceiling

3. Recessed Lighting

When you have a tiny bathroom, you want to do everything you can to make it appear larger. One way to do this is with recessed lighting. Such lighting blends into the ceiling to create a clean look, while brightening the room and making it appear larger.

Top 3 Bathroom Ceiling Ideas for Large Bathrooms

1. Design a Mural

Whether you’re an artist or know an artist, the bathroom ceiling is a blank canvas. Design a mural yourself or work with an artist to determine the best form of expression for the ceiling.

2. Hang Plants

Hanging plants work best in large bathrooms as they can take up space in smaller rooms. Bring life into the space (literally) by hanging plants from your bathroom ceiling. Real or faux, it doesn’t matter. Greenery adds a soothing effect to any room.

3. Add Skinny Wooden Slats

Give your bathroom ceiling a sleek, multi-dimensional look with skinny wooden slats. A modern trend, skinny wooden slat walls and ceilings can turn any bathroom into a steam-room-looking oasis.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Ceiling Ideas

What Is the Best Thing to Put on a Bathroom Ceiling?

There are several materials that work best for bathroom ceilings, including:

  • Acrylic Sheets

  • Water-Resistant Fiberglass

  • Tiles

  • Flat and Semi-Gloss Paint

  • Paneling

  • Glass

  • Wood CLadding

  • Sealed Gypsum

  • Cement Board

  • Fiberglass

  • Drywall and green board

The type of material you choose to put on your bathroom ceiling depends on cost and budget, strength of the material, room climate and overall aesthetics.

What do You Use for a Shower Ceiling?

Similar to the rest of the bathroom ceiling, it is best to use drywall, acrylic, tile, cement board, fiberglass and more. Ensure the material you choose is waterproof.

Is There a Special Paint for Bathroom Ceilings?

Paints with satin or semi-gloss finishes work best for bathroom ceilings because they repel moisture and have a more durable formula. When choosing between several types of paints, it’s also good to go for a water-based latex paint because it repels water and is easily washable.

How do You Waterproof a Ceiling Above a Shower?

Waterproofing is essential to any bathroom ceiling, especially above a shower, an area that comes into contact with steam and water the most. To waterproof a ceiling above a shower, choose waterproof paints or other waterproof materials such as sheets, strips, seams and more.

Should the Shower Ceiling be Tiled?

Whether or not you tile your shower ceiling is up to you, your budget and preferences.

Are you ready to make your bathroom ceiling ideas a reality? South Land Remodeling is a Los Angeles-based contractor who has 25-plus years of experience remodeling bathrooms in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas. Contact us today for a free quote!

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mvm interiors
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Ideas such as installing skylights, ceiling shower heads, and Bluetooth speakers demonstrate innovative ways to elevate the showering experience, enhancing comfort and enjoyment while considering modern technological trends.

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Plants and greenery in general improves the energy of the bathroom. My bathroom is full of flowers! dream of showering in public


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